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Dr. Dulce Walker, O. D.

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08/27/21 Gwendolyn Ellis
gwendolyn ellis bi prismatic for reading
gwendolyn ellis bioptic telescope for distance
IMG 7223
IMG 7222
IMG 7224
IMG 7219

07-12-21 David Hise

bioptic telescope

(wide angle) bioptic telescope

07-01-21 Barbara Stanley

Low Vision patient

image0 (15)

06-28-21 Tina Kelbe

While I was hesitant for this appt thinking it would be all bad news I appreciated your time and explaining each step. You were so kind & helpful and I thank you.

06-23-21 Wayne Maley

Dr. Walker,
I appreciate the extensive information you provided about my macular degeneration problems. I particularly appreciated your insights with detail that I had not learned from the optometrist. It was good to learn that focusing at 3:00 gives me a reasonable chance for close work.

In explaining to my exercise group why I was not at the session last week, I told them that I learned about what my eyes are seeing. Your demonstrations were most meaningful to learn the effectiveness of light and magnification options. The chance to use the equipment was a real plus. I have heard of no other place where the latest and newest electronic and mechanical aids can be tried.

You have been helpful. It was a pleasure to become acquainted with your contributions to the low vision folks of New Mexico.

06-01-21 Ronnie Duran

2.2 bioptic telescope

image0 (19)

04-16-2021 Alan Wagman

I called Dr. Walker for a free consultation. Frankly, I expected to hear, “Oh, yes, I can help you. When do you want to come in?” Instead, Dr. Walker listened, suggested some things I could do for myself and some things my regular eye doctor could do for me. I got what I needed from my regular doctor, thanks to Dr. Walker. I trust her to know her stuff and do what’s right. If and when my regular doctor cannot help, I will not hesitate to see her.

04-6-2021 Pauline Sargent

Dr. Walker knows her stuff! That is the many new devices that are available for those of us with vision problems. And she has all of the equipment needed to assess patients. And she is very friendly.

03-2021 Oma Garcia

“Dear Dr. Walker, I cannot thank you enough for the results of our visit to your office for my mother’s appointment. My mother is 87 years old and suffers from Macular Degeneration. She is the care provider for my Father who is 91 years old and suffers from Dementia. Her eyesight is critical for her day to day activity and she was losing her abilities and self-confidence to care for her husband.

The two hour visit to your office gave my mother what she was praying for and that was hope and options to improve her eyesight. Your expertise, patience and continuous challenging her to keep trying options showed her she did have options and tools to allow her to see better. The various eye tests performed showed my mother what capabilities she still has and what she has control over.

The new eye prescription, use of reader glasses use of proper lighting and magnification recommended for her specific conditions were exactly what she needed. Most importantly she left your office with self-confidence and hope. Thank you so much from our entire family. My mother is telling her friends and family what a great experience she had with you. The Garcia Family thanks you!”

Testimonial—Oma Garcia (1) min
Testimonial—Oma Garcia min

02-2021 Ginger Foerster

Dr. Walker was knowledgeable and professional. I appreciate her patience and thoroughness.

01-2021 Richard Chavez

Dr. Walker was very professional and helpful. I got a prescription that I can see with, and other things that help greatly.

01-2021 Patsy Fiero

Happy Low Vision Patient Can See Clearly Low Vision of New Mexico YouTube

IMG 4822

12-20-2020 Millie Tjeltweed

“Surviving Cabin Fever”
Twice a day I go outside
And walk the garden free,
From books, TV and busywork
To see what I can see.
I see tortoises and flowers,
But I’m sure you will agree
When I sit beside the pool and watch
Nature does wonderful things for me.
Fat robins run across the grass
To get away from me..
Pigeons and doves take a bath.
No dirty birds have we.
Hummingbirds dart here and there
As busy as can be.
Dragonflies glide all about
Like jewels for me to see.
Butterflies dip and swirl
Like dancers on the breeze.
Little birds come take a drink,
As fish swim lazily.
So when cloistered life gets you down,
Weighing on you heavily
Wear your mask, and come outside
And sit six feet from me
And let sweet repose and nature
Set your spirit free.

millie tjeltweed

12-07-2020 Braldt Bralds

Recently I had an eye appointment with Dr. Walker, which turned out to be one of the most positive, hopeful doctor visits that I’ve had in years.

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare DNA-related macular degeneration condition, and have been struggling with eyesight issues for several decades. I saw sever highly qualified retina specialists, in pursuit of treatment; the inevitable response has always basically been, “There is nothing we can do for you to improve your situation.”

During this period of time I moved from Holland to the United States, working as a free-lance illustrator. I was fortunate to become an internationally recognized, illustrator, and had a great career. Through it all I ‘worked around’ my eye condition. But at one point I had a traumatic setback with my vision, and couldn’t paint. Although things improved somewhat weeks after that
episode, my sight remained very compromised. And at that point my condition was pinpointed as Best Disease, an atypical dry form of macular degeneration. I continued through the years to seek out any avenues of resolution or improvement for my condition with highly respected specialists, supplements, and acupuncture, with very limited short-term results.

Dr. Walker, who specializes in ‘low vision’ employs an approach to bring lost and severely compromised vision back to her clients by designing specialized, individually customized glasses. The initial test results with her insight and equipment that I experienced in my visit with her have give me great hope, and I eagerly await this new chapter in my pursuit of improved vision.

IMG 4323

10-14-20 Alice Morgan

My DaVinci Pro HD/OCR makes me smile!! Since I purchased the DaVinci I can do things I haven’t done in a long time with more independence. I can see things with the DaVinci that there is no way I could have seen them before. It is important for me to be able to make words as large as I need to.

I can pay my bills without asking somebody what it says and I can also write my checks. I really like the aspect that the DaVinci can read anything to me. For the first time in years, I can listen to magazines or books with ease. I can also check my hair and makeup with the DaVinci! Life is a little brighter and happier with my DaVinci.

10-07-20 Marian Baca

I give 5 stars to Dr. Walker!!! I was needing stronger magnifiers to read my recipe cards, cookbooks, bills, and the price tags and nutritional facts on boxes when grocery shopping. She was very patient and through to find me the correct ones. I love the Explore 5 and my pendant magnifier. I’m very grateful.

8-27-20 Dr. Reinhardt

To all it may concern,

I have been very happy with the support from Dr. Walker and the Commission for the Blind. Through the services offered to support my continued employment, I have been able to teach and work for the university as a Professor of Nursing. The occasions where I need to speak before of a classroom of students has been facilitated by the telescoping glasses provided. In addition, the compact device that scans a written document and then reads the document to me has been an excellent device to allow me to read dissertation and project documents turned in to me for evaluation. Without these assistive devices, I would be hard pressed to continue my employment at the University.

The services provided by Dr. Walker to evaluate my macular degeneration and support my vision have assisted me beyond measure. From high power reading glasses to magnifying devices, I have been very pleased with the knowledge and support given.


Dr. Reinhardt

image0 min

6-04-20 Charles F Eberle MD

Dear Dulce Walker O.D.


Low Vision of New Mexico –

I would like to share with you my assessment for the recent visit my wife and I made to your office to have an evaluation of possible management options for progressive partial blindness as a consequence of macular degeneration. She had voluntarily stopped driving because of the inability to see potential hazards on the right and has left increasing disability since then, particularly with reading use of the computer. Her medical consultant for her condition record their physical finding but at no time has any offered her options for how she might improve her ability to function, with the exception of using a magnifying glass.

She recently heard of your practice, Low Vision of New Mexico, and attended your office a week ago for your evaluation and recommendations for improvement of function in the visual sphere. I came along as that has been my interest for a few years. Actually I purchased for her an “Enhanced Vision” computer which was at the time impractical and was returned to the company.

Her visit to you included a careful medical evaluation of her visual acuity consistent with those who had previously seen her for the problem, but that was followed by exposing her to a broad range of options that were available to be tried out on-site in the office. Included were flat screen adaptive computers, IPads, and handled devices that could magnify with adjustments on the devices as well as adjustable light sources to enhance the written. She chose a portable device because of the freedom she experienced when she tried it out. She has since found it invaluable at home and she has mentioned to me time and again how much she appreciates that someone has done something for her so she can modify her impairment so that it causes less disability. In my view as a physician, “LOW VISION OF NEW MEXICO” and your enthusiasm towards helping persons to improve function using adaptive equipment is a valuable resource for persons with visual impairment.



1-30-20 T. H. Lee, M. D.

Dr. Walker has helped me tremendously. In our initial consultation, she patiently walked me through all of the options for specific purposes: typing at my computer, reading on my iPad, writing checks and paying bills, watching tv and walking outside.
Now, a few weeks later, I can do things I never thought I could do again!! She even rushed my telescopes so I could watch my team, The Kansas City Chiefs, win the Super Bowl!!!
Dr. Walker is patient and knowledgeable and provides you with a great set of options if you want to see things you weren’t able to see before.

Thank you Dr. Walker!


2-26-20 Ruth E. Francis

Dear Dr. Walker –

I want you to know just how helpful your time with me was and how relieved I was to know that there is a caring optometrist in New Mexico. You are super. I feel that I can now cope with my macular degeneration.

First: Your information pamphlet is the best introduction to you. The yellow background with bold large print font makes it easy to read. The photographs showing clients with their possibilities to improve their vision is reassuring. The costs are clearly stated so that there are no surprises before calling for an appointment. And, your map to your office is clear.

Second: Thank you for the through eye exam and explaining exactly what you were doing and why you were doing it and what you were looking for. Your explanations educated me and you answered all of my questions.

Third: I was surprised there are so many new technologies readily available for those with low vision, that they can adapt which is very helpful to assist us in our everyday life. It reassured me that there are products available if I should need them.

The simple headband with a small LED light for reading was incredible, a simple tool which solved an immediate problem for me – ta, da! You changed my whole way of thinking.

I took your business cards with me to my monthly luncheon with a local authors and publishers group and passed out all of the cards. In the future I will let others know about your office and give them your phone number. The knowledge that you are a specialist in low vision difficulties right here in town created quite a stir.

Thank you so very much for your kindness, patience and expertise.

Ruth E. Francis

ruth francis

7-22-20 Ruth E. Francis

Dear Dr. Walker

I am so glad I found your brochure at the Jefferson Eye Clinic.

You have given me hope for the future.

Thank you for all that you have done for me.

Ruth. E

10-08-19 Yolanda R. Dominguez

Recently Dr. Walker provided an eye exam for my father, Nicolas G. Dominguez. My father was born in 1925. He suffers from macular degeneration. I was very thrilled with the thoughtful and empathetic manner in which Dr. Walker examined my father. He is happy with his new glasses too!

Dr. Walker’s exam was very thorough and she took plenty of time with us. I am very thankful we went to see her for my father’s low vision needs.

Yolanda R. Dominguez

9-03-19 Geraldine Adams

Dr. Walker was a real God-Send for my 97 year old mother-in-law, Geraldine Adams. She is able to again read her Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards and her checkbook. It is truly a miracle to see her read so many things where before she could not see at all and now she can! Thank you Dr. Walker!

– David King
Her dedicated son-in-law


7-07-19 Marlene Goebel

“Thank you for the glasses I bought from you. I am so Happy to have them. They make my painting and reading abilities so much easier. EVEN A LITTLE MEANS A LOT AT THIS STAGE OF MY VISION. It was getting very hard and now it is easier again so THANK YOU!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You are a Blessing to me. “

by Marlene Goebel

Marlene Goebel wearing 9.4% LTPS for distance and for painting and reading

Screenshot 2020 03 30 Marlene Goebel wearing 9 4% LTPS for distance and for painting and reading


6-15-19 Mike Bureman

My name is Mike Bureman and I live in Las Cruces, NM. In 2014, following cataract surgery, I was diagnosed with macular degeneration. At that time my condition was the dry kind and all I could do was take special vitamins.

Then in the fall of 2018, my macular degeneration turned wet, and I had to start taking the shots in my eyes every few weeks. After several months of this treatment, I asked the retina specialist who was treating me if there was anything else could do. He recommended that I go see Dr. Dulce Walker, a low vision specialist, in Albuquerque, NM.

Making an appointment with Dr. Walker was one of the best decisions of my life. I found her to be most understanding and empathetic to my condition. Furthermore, I learned that there were several devices available that would help me deal with my condition.

After a lengthy examination, she changed the prescription in my everyday glasses. What a difference. Now I can read books on my iPad without the aid of a magnifier. If the light is bright enough, I can also read other printed material that I could not read before.

She also, along with my wife, convinced me to get a pair of glasses with the little telescopes attached. What a difference those glasses have made in my ability to drive and watch sports on television. And although I was skeptical at first, Dr. Walker encouraged me to try those glasses while playing golf. Now I can even find my golf ball, which I was unable to do before purchasing those special glasses. I will forever be thankful to Dr. Walker. I would encourage anyone who has vision problems that need special attention to make an appointment with Dr. Walker. I promise you will never regret that decision. She is one wonderful doctor, and down right really nice person.

unnamed (1)

3-26-19 Albert M. Brettner, DDS

After many refractions and before going to Low Vision NM reading – even in normal lighting – was difficult, slow and required either a magnifying glass or a headlamp. After Dr. Walker’s examination and refraction, I had the prescription filled. Now I read almost without effort, in normal lighting, without the use of a headlamp or magnifying glass.

Albert M. Brettner, DDS

brettner lv of nm1 1

4-15-19 J.V

Dr. Walker has helped me to see with my visual disability. She has prescribed magnifying glasses that help me to read, which I had great difficulty with before seeing Dr. Walker. The magnifying glasses also help me to work on a computer, scan the newspaper, and write checks. These tasks minimize my disability and restore some independence in my life.
She has also prescribed bioptic glasses that help me to drive. The ability to drive has restored again some independence in my life. I am so thankful for Dr. Walker’s expertise with low vision aids.


2-15-19 Alice M.

Low vision devices have enabled me to do things that I did before my sight significantly diminished. The devices (magnifying glass and Ruby reader) support me to do work on my computer including spreadsheets and word documents as well as browse the internet.

It also helps me to read telephone numbers on my cell phone, my email and all kinds of mail including letters. I really enjoy using the telescopic glasses to enjoy movies, sports events, family outing and of course, television.

Mrs. Alice Morgan

1-04-19 Testimonial

Carlos Sanchez

I am a visually impaired artist with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) who works with details and intricate designs. In 2014 I started on a new journey as a silversmith and noticed my central vision was failing. I was working on my apprenticeship with the late great Master Silver/Goldsmith, Phil C. Loretto.

By the end of 2015, I was referred to Dr. Dulce Walker by the New Mexico Commission for the Blind because I started to struggle even further to complete my assignments/projects. Dr. Walker was able to correct my central vision to 20/40 and prescribe these “super cool” telescopes, reverse telescopes, that minified objects so I see the details instead of just the outlines.

It also helped increase my field of view on the projects I was working on. My instructor was totally amazed by how I was able to complete all my projects. I am now the founder of Legally Blind Artistry and a co-owner of Galleria de Corrales, an artist owned gallery.

Dr. Walker allowed me to be a better artist and utilize my residual vision to be the best artist I can be. I no longer struggle using an acetylene tank for soldering work or when I’m at my buffing and polishing station.

Last year, Dr. Walker again helped me acquire some “super cool” fashionable sunglasses that block out 98% of the light. The sunglasses help me navigate outdoors safely with confidence because it diffuses the light and makes objects clearer.

When I was running out of hope, Dr. Walker helped me with my visual needs and gave me many options that I never knew existed. Dr. Walker is very passionate about helping visually impaired individuals and understands our needs to continue whatever our heart desires to live a happy and productive life.

As I was re-reading my testimonial, I became teary-eyed. Dr. Walker, you have helped me through so much with my low vision. Thank you!!!

Carlos Sanchez #Legallyblindartistry

Carlos Sanchez Retinitis Pigmentosa 21

12-26-18 Testimonial

Gerald L. Record

This is to speak on behalf of Dr. Dulce Walker of Edgewood, NM., who has been my Low Vision specialist and advisor for over a year.

Dr. Walker made a lengthy, in-depth analysis of my eyes and suggested the use of telescopic glasses to improve my far vision. I now am able to not only to play golf again, but the use of these glasses also helps me to recognize the faces of family and acquaintances which had become a serious problem.

Furthermore, Dr. Walker also ordered a pair of near vision glasses to enable me, with the additional help of RubyXL Freedom, to read and play bridge again, a favorite pass time I had given up.

The quality of my life has improved tremendously since I followed Dr. Walker’s suggestions, I am deeply appreciative of her treatment. I sincerely recommend her and hope that patients with similar poor vision problems will seek her advice and assistance.

With appreciation,

Gerald L. Record


6-24-2021 Square Review

Hans Frauenfelder

Excellent exam and very knowledgeable information on the technology available for low vision patients.

12-09-2020 Square Review

Pamela Hostetler

Very happy with our experience. And listens and does an excellent job!

11-11-2020 Square Review

Alfred Kopszywa

I am always treated like I am the only patient being taken care of.

08-07-2019 Square Review

Patricia Williams

A good experience. Exam was thorough and I was treated with courtesy and
care. I plan on making a purchase.

07-15-2019 Square Review

Howard Kunz

Dr. Walker is very personable making the atmosphere comfortable and inviting.
We learned a lot and would highly recommend her to others.

07-01-2019 Square Review

Shelly Williams

Dr. Walker spent lost of time with my mother and was soooo patient with her.
Absolutely wonderful!

2-06-2020 Video

Happy Macular Degeneration Patient Uses Ocutech Autofocus 4x Falcon To Regain Visual Acuity

Screenshot 2020 03 30 Happy Macular Degeneration Patient Uses Ocutech Autofocus 4x Falcon To Regain Visual Acuity

6-29-2019 Video

Dr. Alfred Martin uses Low Vision Glasses to Drive Again

Screenshot 2020 03 30 Dr Alfred Martin uses Low Vision Glasses to Drive Again

5-08-2019 Video

Achromatopsia patient uses Ocutech Falcon Autofocus to read and see at distance.

Screenshot 2020 03 30 Achromatopsia patient uses Ocutech Falcon Autofocus to read and see at distance

11-14-2018 Video

Retinitis Pigmentosa Patient uses special light to regain visual activity

Screenshot 2020 03 30 Retinitis Pigmentosa Patient uses special light to regain visual activity

Patricia Williams can watch television and recognize faces with 1.7X full diameter telescopes

Screenshot 2020 03 30 Patricia Williams can watch television and recognize faces with 1 7X full diameter telescopes

Happy Low Vision Patient Using DaVinci Pro HD/OCR

Happy Low Vision Patient Using DaVinci Pro HD OCR YouTube

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